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Mike Cody has built Chesleigh with his heart. He is Mad. He is Brilliant. Mike left his city career at a crossroads between engineering or acting. The choice was his, when he fell in love with Chesleigh 40 years ago. He leapt. He was smart enough to know he needed someone smarter than him, someone named Jan, to be his partner in crime. He has since funnelled his curiosity into dissecting the history of everything local, his creativity into captivating performance poetry and storytelling  and his engineering and mathematical skill into building everything Chesleigh…..The epic campfire structures that Chesleigh is famous for, the giant hay shed, rustic gamesroom, stone piglet house, monoliths, swimming pools and more! Mike is the pied piper of children, the entertainer, the philosopher, innovator. the perfect host.

Jan met Mike in Sydney and left a teaching career to run away to the bush way before ‘tree change’ became a trendy thing to do.
Jan is the true ‘mother of the farm’ and has managed to use her scientific training to develop a deep understanding of the textures and flavours of food to produce delicious meals for the Chesleigh table.She is the inspiration behind the gardens and loves picking the herbs and vegetables to incorporate straight into the dishes of the day.
Jan loves reading and music and is relishing the task of being a first time grandmother.

Brian is Irish and has recently moved to Chesleigh with Sasha. He is overjoyed at the fact that he has landed in paradise! Brian’s background is in events production which has taken him from London to Paris, Tuscany to the Middle East working in the most beautiful venues and surroundings these places have to offer. However he adamantly maintains that Chesleigh is by far the most beautiful and exciting workplace so far! He has an eye for beauty and a passion for art and music. He brings to Chesleigh, flair and design, big ideas, and an ever cheeky Irish charm. At Chesleigh he keeps the ball rolling, the fires burning, and the smiles smiling.

Born and raised at Chesleigh Sasha’s love for this magical place on earth runs in the blood. Her horsemanship is unsurpassed and her big smile and approachable way with people make her the best horse guide there is. She is an expert in this field with over 25 years of experience. Having finished a degree in Theatre and Media she moved away to test its worth. She has worked as an acrobat, a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb leader and a construction boss. She has reached international acclaim in the events industry most recently in London, but is thrilled to be back where the action really is!

Bobby is a fully qualified baby. He is the latest addition to the Chesleigh team boasting over 10 weeks of experience. He is a real charmer and specialises in ladies. He is a great listener and is responsible for guest entertainment in the cuddle department at Chesleigh.

Billy is 2 and terrific. He is in charge of most Chesleigh departments and likes to liaise between them all on a free and unplanned basis. His favourite things about Chesleigh are; All the food, tractor rides, chasing Hugo, girls camp, and did we mention the food?

Shammy and Hugo are employed on a multi functional basis at Chesleigh. Both operating as; security, entertainers and child minders. Shammy’s key skills lie in tractor driving and Hugo is a gumboot relocation specialist.